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{ jess + rich | brookside equestrian wedding }

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I would like to say that the reason Jess & Rich‘s wedding was amazing in so many ways, the reason it had me tearing up in the middle of a cafe {good lawd} as I was editing the images, was because I’ve known Jess for years and that they are a couple that is so close to my heart. But the reality of it is that even if I hadn’t know Jess and her family for years, and hadn’t had such a close association to them – I would still have been a teary mess because the wedding was just. that. amazing. in and of itself. It was a true expression of who they are, and love seriously poured out of each and every moment. Like when Jess gifted necklaces to Rich’s daughters during the ceremony, and shakily expressed, “you are my heart”. Or when her sister Nikki gave her speech and Jess stood to embrace her when she found it hard to go on. Her mother helping her put on the very veil she wore for her own wedding day. Or the way Rich and Jess looked at each other during their first look, and couldn’t stop smiling. Love, everywhere, all day, and it was wonderful.

When Jess first called me years ago to tell me about this man she had just met, we were 23 year old kids, and I couldn’t have imagined what an amazing thing that relationship would blossom into. It is a wonderful happiness to see two people who are pretty much perfect for each other, who shine in each other’s presence, and it’s even more wonderful when that person is a dear friend.

Jess & Rich – I’m so happy for you and feel so honored and blessed to have been the one to document your special day. There was so much prettiness to capture in every corner, and I hope these images do justice for just how amazing your day was :)

Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center
Coordinator: Lauren Kadowaki
Florals: Bunch Studio (always my fave! :)
Make-up/Hair: Theresa Huang

{ Sunday Morning }

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I’m sitting here working on pictures from last night’s wedding, sipping green tea and munching on a slice of pound cake, thinking really, life doesn’t get much better than this, when I come across the email Mary sent me earlier this week. I just wanted to post this because it honestly is such a meaningful reminder of why I am SO blessed to do what I do:

I finished viewing all the photos …. and I have to say WOW!!! I have never liked so many shots that I have taken! If Larry likes these shots as much as I do, we will be ordering a LOT of these shots. They are WONDERFUL!!! Before I get too carried away, complimenting your work, please thank your boyfriend as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU! I’ve never been happier with pictures that I have taken.

A bit of a backstory: when I first met with Mary, she explained how she was often self-conscious in photos and wasn’t always happy with the way they turned out (which is so hard to believe because she’s GORGEOUS!) so to hear that she liked the photos really meant so much to me. Why are my clients so awesome??

And just for good measure, here’s a semi-terrifying shot of Scott from last night’s wedding, when we were testing out our flashes:

{ Mary + Larry: Married! (now that one’s a mouthful!) }

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The guests, grouped at candlelit tables on a warm Californian fall night, grew quiet as the best man began his speech. The way he described their relationship summed it up perfectly: “when I asked Larry about Mary, he simply replied ‘I love her man, I just love her.‘ Now, we all say we love our wives, but no one says it like THAT!” The reception came to life with laughter, but you could see it in everyone’s eyes that they knew what he meant. The way Larry beamed with joy as Mary walked down the aisle, the way he made her laugh. I could tell from our very first meeting, digging into pastas and BBQ chicken pizzas at CPK, that they were absolutely perfect for each other.

The wedding was held in the backyard of their stunning Walnut home. I was so impressed with all of the details (organized by the fabulous Ada of Fresh Events Company!) that transformed their home into the most beautiful and intimate of venues. I loved that Mary and her bridesmaids were able to get ready upstairs and then waltz downstairs for the ceremony – none of the stress of running between different sites! At night their backyard was transformed into a beautiful reception site, with a cozy bar and floating candles across the pool. Mary’s vision for her wedding perfectly matched her own admirable qualities – elegant, friendly, and warm.

Mary & Larry – thank you so much for choosing me to document your special day! Scott and I had such a great time at your wedding and wish you all the best in the years to come!! :)

Starting off with some details…

Something about lace dresses gets me everytime – love it!

Mary was absolutely radiant!

The ceremony begins… Larry’s smile just kept getting bigger and bigger as Mary walked down the aisle!

Catching the last of the light with a few portraits:

Love the rays Scott grabbed in this one!

And then it was time to morph the place into reception-mode!

Could this BE any cuter?? (*insert Chandler voice here*)

Mary and Larry rocked the rhumba for their first dance:

Their cake was from Ms. Ruby’s Bakery, renowned for their scrumptious red velvet. When we first met up to discuss their wedding plans, they so kindly gave me a piece, and it was honestly to DIE for!