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{ L // boudoir }

Monday, March 30th, 2015

When L told me she had a unique idea for her boudoir photos and wanted to do them outdoors, I was totally on board! This location was beyond breathtaking and I love the relaxed & romantic backdrop the beautiful fields and rolling hills provided. It fit her personality perfectly as well and I know her guy is going to be so excited to see these photos!

As I always say, boudoir sessions really are a great gift for your man but even moreso for yourself! If you’re interested in one, send me a note & we can plan the perfect boudoir session for you! :)

{ S // boudoir }

Monday, March 10th, 2014

A San Francisco boudoir session in one of the prettiest light-filled rooms? Yes please! Thank you to Miss S for graciously allowing me to share a few anonymous captures from our session that lovely morning :)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – boudoir is one of my most very favorite things to photograph because it is an exercise in celebrating a woman’s beauty and reminding her just how lovely she is. That as much as it is a romantic gift for your guy, it ultimately is a gift for yourself. And I’ve found that although it appears we’re focusing on capturing your outside beauty, I find in a boudoir session that I’m striving so much to capture the inner beauty of these girls. The smile with which they greet me, the sound of their laugh, the grace and kindness with which they approach those around them. Because although they are outwardly gorgeous like Miss S you see in these photos below, it is their warm personalities, their charming wit, their gracious & compassionate hearts that really makes them light up with beauty, and that is something to be celebrated.

{ J | boudoir }

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The feedback I get when I deliver boudoir photos is such a wonderful thing. To hear how much she loves the images, that she will be treasuring them for a lifetime, the happy disbelief in I can’t believe this is me! That last bit especially – the words of happy surprise – are a huge part of why I love doing the sessions so much. Because I really want to show you how pretty you are. Because so many of us girls {myself included!} don’t necessarily have the perfect relationship with our bodies. Because we’re worried about this here or that there, because on a daily basis it’s easy to overlook what can make you unique and beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned before, the session is a wonderful gift for your man (for J it’s going to be a sweet anniversary gift for her hubby) but in the end, when you can get a peek of yourself in this light, that you’re beautiful through and through, inside and out, it’s really a gift for yourself. Thank you so much J for trusting me to photograph you and allowing me to share a few here – you are absolutely gorgeous in every way!