{ christina + mark | la venta inn wedding }

This is one of those weddings {there are more than a few of them}, where I’m sitting there editing the images late in the evening, the computer monitor glowing brightly, with maybe a snack (aka THIRD DINNER) on my desk, and I find that suddenly, I’m misty-eyed. Because how crazy beautiful are these moments? The moment of joy as Christina sees her aunts walk in to congratulate her as she’s getting ready, or the excitement Mark has when he presents Christina with a wedding gift (a ukelele, and she gave him a surfboard!) Or the significance of a rose placed gently on a chair saved for Mark’s mother, who had passed away earlier that year.

Christina and Mark are both the kinds of people who will greet you with the warmest hugs, and laugh unabashedly, and constantly radiate love in every which-what direction, and the fact that they found each other & ended up together is something pretty wonderful. Their wedding day was a string of beautiful and joyous moments and it was such an honor to be there to capture them!

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2 Responses to “{ christina + mark | la venta inn wedding }”

  1. conniemchung Says:

    mmmmm. loved how your captured this wedding! def filled with beautiful emotions. does that even make sense? ;)

  2. Holly Steen Says:

    Gorgeous and lovely as ever.

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