{ ayumi + brian | smog shoppe wedding }

Such a joy-filled day! Ayumi & Brian are those type of people who radiate positivity & warmth at all times, and their wedding was a perfect reflection of that – the bright pops of color everywhere, the cheerful table settings, the labor-of-love DIY goodness {check out those handpainted signs! the cool toolbox! the invites! the pocket squares!}. Even the retro print fabric that made appearances throughout the day exclaimed, “happy!” Even more cheer – as an alternative to petals or bubbles, they had guests blow up Japanese paper balloons (just like the ones that made appearances in their engagement session!) and toss those during the recessional. The Smog Shoppe, with its quirky backdrops & always intimate vibe, provided the perfect nook to house all this joy :)

As I always say, the most beautiful weddings to me are not necessarily the grandiose ones, with the ginormous budget, or the opulent decor – they are the ones that are by default unique & creative because they incorporate the pieces of who you are, that are naturally stylish because they celebrate your personalities, that can’t help but be meaningful & fun because they focus on your very own special type of love :)

I can’t thank Ayumi & Brian enough for giving me the chance to be a part of this day, and to All You Need is Love Events for coordinating everything perfectly behind the scenes (and designing all the amazing florals!)

{And thank you to Style Me Pretty as well for featuring this wedding! You can see the post & read more about the details straight from the bride here!}

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6 Responses to “{ ayumi + brian | smog shoppe wedding }”

  1. Megan Welker Says:

    This wedding makes me so happy! Their joy literally radiates through the photos! Was such a fun one!

  2. Ayumi Says:

    Oh my gosh, Adrienne! Your post totally made me cry! You are THE best!!! WE can’t thank YOU enough for making our day so special! Your photos are always so amazing!!!!

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Aww Ayumi, thank you so much for your sweet comment and again for giving me the opportunity to capture all of this! Seriously such an amazing day from beginning to end!!

    And Megan, thank you so much for shooting with me, I always have so much fun with you! xo

  4. Ayumi Says:

    Oh my gosh, Megan! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it was you! So many thanks to you too!!! You are awesome! Especially since you braved getting photos (and such gorgeous photos!) of the guys before the wedding. :)

  5. shipra Says:

    absolutely in love with the brides smile. It’s one of those smiles that lights up a room. And wow, what a fabulous wedding, your couples always have such killer style.

  6. Bella Eventi by Olivia George Says:

    gosh, photography has come a long way… stunning background and beautiful couple!

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