{ ayumi + brian | los angeles engagement }

Love the props Ayumi & Brian brought along to their session – nothing too fancy, just fun simple items that reflected a bit of who they are and lent a playful flair to the photos :) Like their favorite vintage cameras. Some of Brian’s records (he DJs!) And my favorite – kami-fuusen {translates literally into “paper balloons”}, which are nostalgic toys from Japan. Love the colorfulness of it all and how Ayumi & Brian really relaxed & had fun with their session. So so excited for their wedding at the Smog Shoppe in just a few weeks! (P.S. How is it already almost March???)

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11 Responses to “{ ayumi + brian | los angeles engagement }”

  1. Rachel Tatem Says:

    I love how much fun they looked like they had. It is always an awesome experience if you can laugh through most all of it!

  2. Hannah Says:

    So playful and beautiful. I think this is one of my favorite sessions you’ve posted!

  3. Holly Steen Says:

    Eep.. Love those balloons. Totally adorable couple. They are really cute together.

  4. Jun Nakagawa Says:

    Finally… after view EVERY ENGAGEMENT SESSION YOU POST (and love, by the way)… I get to say… “Hey… I know and LOVE this couple!!!!” Ayumi… you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! Brian… you don’t look so bad yourself… but Ayumi… YOU ARE BEAMING!!!

    Thank You, Adrienne, for always capturing the true spirit of each individual! You are truly gifted!!!!

  5. Lauren Says:

    what studs. great shoot adrienne!!

  6. yui omine Says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures! You are an adoring couple!!! I’ve enjoyed every single one of your wedding pictures. So gorgeous! As usual, Ayumi, you look beautiful! I can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress!!!

  7. Connie Says:

    So beautiful! I love the colors and lighting, and also how both Ayumi and Brian look wonderful in their own natural styles. Ayumi, are all the paper balloons at the wedding going to be covered in lipstick? :D

  8. Linda Bush Says:

    Ayumi, the photos are beautiful! You look so lovely & radiant! Your fiance, Brian looks so content & happy. You two fit together like a Mizpah pendant. (In an old Jewish tradition, each partner wears 1/2 of a pendant-the pieces come together like a puzzle, they fit). These photos capture that old saying, “You were meant for each other.” Love, playfulness (the Japanese baloons), laughter, and joy are reflected in these photos! I love the idea of using your vintage cameras too! We create and capture the lives we want – just as a camera does through its lense! Ayumi and Brian you’ve got it right! Many Blessings!!!

  9. Keiji Uesugi Says:

    Woohoo! Skilled photographer + great couple + picturesque setting = Beautiful photographs!!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful engagement pictures.

  10. Donald Norris Says:

    It’s awesome how fun and quirky the session is, the couple looks like they must’ve been a complete blast to work with.

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