{ hanaya + darren | la venta inn wedding }

I remember meeting Hanaya at Susina Bakery last summer, and immediately feeling like we had known each other for years. There is a chance that the berry white chocolate cake {aka heaven on a plate} was somehow contributing to my happy mood, but I’m pretty sure most of it was just because Hanaya was so sweet, awesome & down-to-earth. When a meeting just feels like a coffee date with a friend, you can bet that I always leave with all my fingers & toes crossed that they will book :)

And… they did! :) I feel so blessed to have been able to capture Hanaya & Darren’s gorgeous wedding at Wayfarers Chapel and the La Venta Inn. It was also my first time working with the girls of live.love.create events, a fantastic team of coordinators. They pulled everything together beautifully & also created some of the sweetest handmade details!

P.S. The balloon! From their engagement session! You can see it make a repeat appearance at the wedding at the end of the post :)

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10 Responses to “{ hanaya + darren | la venta inn wedding }”

  1. hanaya Says:

    Thank you so much for capturing our day and all the details perfectly. We LOVE all the photos!

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    stunning! I just shot at the la venta! I loved it!! Those shots of her in her dress from the hallway are my fav. Gorgeous!!


    i love the ones of her laughing! love happy brides!

  4. Ayumi Says:

    Beautiful!! Love them all!

  5. gladys jem Says:

    adrienne–so pretty. you’re so great!

  6. William Kim Says:

    love the ones of Hanaya in the hallway!

  7. RedSphere | San Francisco Wedding Photographer Says:

    Absolutely stunning! Great shots!

  8. Stephen Cox Says:

    Beautiful work. Love how happy she is! You captured it perfectly.

  9. Stephen Grant Says:

    Fantastic emotions :) I really love all the portraits amongst the trees — the contrast & scale against nature. :)

  10. Phil Stefans Says:

    Wow…the laughing one is magic!

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