{ Suzanne + Robert, Part II | Camping Engagement Photos }

When it comes time to chat about the engagement session, I always encourage couples to think of ways to incorporate a bit of who they are. Weddings with personalized touches are my favorite, but engagement sessions give additional free reign for meaningful locations, outfits that are perfectly “you”, and any fun props or themes – the possibilities are endless! :)

Suzanne & Robert took the idea of a personalized engagement session and ran with it! They both love the outdoors, & in her emails, Suzanne painted a picture of them camping, with hot chocolate, a tent, and lush natural surroundings. And so for the second half of Suzanne & Robert’s session, we ventured into the hills for a mini camping trip. I love all the details they gathered {Suzanne even brought along her trusty SLR} & their outfit choices as well – the perfect blend of rustic + outdoorsy + stylish, which fit the settings perfectly! We had so much fun setting up the scene & running around the area. And props to Robert & Scott for pitching the tent in what has to be the fastest time I’ve seen – and I’ve done some lightening-fast tent setups in my Girl Scouting days (okay, I lie, we were much better at selling cookies than pitching tents.)

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17 Responses to “{ Suzanne + Robert, Part II | Camping Engagement Photos }”

  1. Joan Solitario Says:


  2. cindy Says:

    ooh, i love the spots of red.

  3. lydia Says:

    way to go with capturing that gorgeous sunset!! i love the one of them kissing in the tent! so cute!

  4. Dandy Says:

    This one is sooooooo awesome! I love the shot of them in the tent, and kissing in the sunset, and where you can see her camera.

    They just keep getting better and better!

  5. Gail Says:

    HOW do you have the cutest clients? EVER? :) Adore this idea!!

  6. Mai Says:

    the camera shot – simply genius.

  7. Alice Hu Says:

    So cute and original!

  8. Sandy Says:

    ohhh i love the tent idea! the picture of the couple behind the branches/flowers is sooo beautiful!

  9. Rennie Says:

    ooh I love the pic with the couple holding the camera. Clever!

  10. connie M chung Says:

    awww. these are sooo cute i want to start camping!

  11. This Lovely City Says:

    Oh I love this! It’s so personal + sweet. xo

  12. ROSA CHEUNG Says:

    These photoes are classical: beatiful scenery, right moment, catch the atmosphere of such hollywood movie stars!!!

  13. Vivian Lin Says:

    SUZANNE!!!!!!!!!! These are soooooooooooooooooo great!!!! When did this happen?! This wasn’t the same shoot from the day at UCLA, right?

  14. Holly Steen Says:

    Adorable! I love it! So cute!
    Really lovely shots. Too many favorites to list, but for sure the one with the red flowers… yay!

  15. Tracy Says:

    Such a lovely, adorable & romantic couple!!! These Pics just get better & better. I really enjoy to watch them over & over.

  16. Brianna Phelan Says:

    WOW! I loved this session so so much!

  17. Angela @ little room la Says:

    omg i love this sett!!! i love the sun and the nature and the girl’s beautiful hair & earrings! amazing!

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