{ Suzanne + Robert, Part I | UCLA Engagement Photography }

It’s an amazing thing how memories can turn a regular place into the most beautiful location. What was once just a coffee shop, or a city park, or a stretch of shops, becomes a place you recall in your mind with so much love and adulation. Suzanne & Rob chose UCLA for their engagement session, a location that served as the place where they first met (a story not too different from Scott & my own :), and as we walked around the campus, they pointed out the spots where their memories were created.

I loved how the session came out – it wasn’t the cover of a UCLA brochure, with Royce Hall & the Sculpture Garden in the background, it was the UCLA that Suzanne & Rob remembered best. It was the hallways where they had neighboring offices, where they belonged to student coalitions fighting hunger and homelessness in LA, it was the “less-scenic” South Campus where they would meet between classes, it was the back lunch patio by a familiar building.

I hope when Suzanne & Robert look through these photos, they can feel filled to the brim with memories of excitement and happy moments :)

Stay tuned for Part II, camping in the wilderness! A tent, hot chocolate, and piggy back rides soon to come!

Suzanne told me that she specifically bought her shirt for the session, & that it was from *swoon* none other than Anthropologie. I think Anthro’s romantic styles always look so beautiful in photos!

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11 Responses to “{ Suzanne + Robert, Part I | UCLA Engagement Photography }”

  1. nancy {so happi together} Says:

    I love this session and your commentary! The poke of her red belt is awesome and the ones in the hallways are my fave!! Awesome work! can’t wait to see Part deux!

  2. Dandy Says:

    I love the hallway shots and the last shot is my favortie! The couple and the trees, its just beautiful!

  3. cindy Says:

    they look so happy together…that’s scenic enough. great job adrienne!

  4. connieMchung Says:

    so CUTE! i seriously heart campus couples! ;)

  5. Christine Says:

    So cute! Love the stairway shots. :]

  6. Gail Says:

    I was JUST thinking about how much I loved her top when I came to your Anthro description and thought, Yep, that’s why!!! My faves are the stairway shots (you’re sneaky!) and the ones where they’re embracing (3rd from bottom). Soooo sweet!

  7. Noel Says:

    Haven’t been back here for a while, and you have added some absolutely beautiful pictures. I especially love the paper airplane session, but this one is great as well. Great job!!

  8. lydia Says:

    oh i love her hairstyle!

    super cute and i love the flowers in the trees in the first pic!

    love it, adrienne :)

  9. jenny Says:

    the first photo’s tree has pink flowers !! good eye Adrienne !

  10. Rosa & Yip Shiu Says:

    So sweet & romantic, Handsome & Beautiful couple. It is very meaningful for the right people, right place & right time.
    God blesses you two!!!

  11. Tracy Says:

    Congrat!!!!Such a beautiful couple. Those pics are so natural & romantic & i love them ALL.

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