{ Hana + Toshi, Part I | USC Engagement }

Here goes one of my big lifetime confessions, right alongside having not seen all the Star Wars movies (I know, it’s blasphemy) & thinking breakfast sausages dipped in syrup are delicious: in all my time at UCLA & thereafter, I have never been to a single football game. And though I’ve never shouted my pride from the bleachers, I am a glowing Bruin at heart – I braved the flyer warzone that is Bruinwalk, I spent long nights at taiko rehearsals in Wooden, and have eaten enough Diddy Riese cookies to feed a small nation. So when Hana & Toshi suggested USC for the first half of their engagement session, I ran away. Just kidding. I love shooting on any and all college campuses and of course happily obliged! Campuses are awesome for weekend engagement sessions since all the students are tucked away in their dorm rooms/hanging out off-campus/doing laundry at home and there are tons of different backdrops & beautiful architecture to get creative with.

Of course I could have photographed Hana & Toshi anywhere and the photos would have magically made themselves – as you will see below, my camera fell madly in love with them. Stay tuned for Part II, where we ventured across town to the Griffith Observatory with balloons in hand!

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13 Responses to “{ Hana + Toshi, Part I | USC Engagement }”

  1. Dandy Says:

    What a sweet couple! My faves are the leaf shots and the shot with her looking back at you…what a beauty!

  2. Dandy Says:

    Oh and the one where they are on their tummies smiling at each other!

  3. Heidi R. Says:

    “So when Hana & Toshi suggested USC for the first half of their engagement session, I ran away.”

    Haha! You’re too funny. :) I love these shots. They feel very autumnal in a SoCal way!

  4. William Kim Says:

    the 4th photo is my fave! love the photo with the leaves as well, awesome e-session!

  5. jackie g Says:

    adorable couple, and beautiful shots A!!! :)

  6. Christine Says:

    Love the pictures and all of the colors! And love the school. ;) Haha.

  7. Lauren Miyake Says:

    Ew *barf*
    Just kidding. Lovely images DESPITE the awful location ;) Your post made me nostalgic, especially those long nights in Wooden!

  8. jenny Says:

    Oh SC… how I miss you… awesome flair shots !

  9. joan solitario Says:

    OOOOoooo!! Post up part 2 already!!! I wanna see more shots!! You’re shots are so dreamy! Great joB! But for reals, Part II please!!

  10. Ryan Parent - Ottawa Wedding Photographer Says:

    Such a cute engagement shoot! You really do capture love in such a unique way! I really admire your work!

  11. Adrienne Gunde Photography | Los Angeles Orange County Wedding Photographer » Blog Archive » { Hana + Toshi, Part II | Griffith Observatory Engagement } Says:

    […] second half of their engagement session, Hana & Toshi chose the stunning Griffith Observatory {see Part I of their session here}  As we brainstormed ideas, Hana googled some past sessions that were done there, and came across […]

  12. john prado Says:

    Beautiful pictures! USC campus, such a nice place for e-sessions!

  13. Sandy Says:

    Hahaha I love your little blurb in the beginning, about how you “ran away” after they said they wanted to shoot on USC campus haha. My husband and I went to rival college (michigan and OSU) so I totally know how you feel! You almost kind of feel like a traitor when in the other territory hehe. Nevertheless, these photos were amazing though both because you are able to capture any moment so beautifully and b/c the they are a picture perfect couple! =)

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