{ Hana + Toshi, Part II | Griffith Observatory Engagement }

For the second half of their engagement session, Hana & Toshi chose the stunning Griffith Observatory {see Part I of their session here}  As we brainstormed ideas, Hana googled some past sessions that were done there, and came across some lovely photos that my friend Caroline Tran had done, sending a couple to me as her inspiration. Hana loved the concept of a pink balloon and decided to double the fun with two, as well as some adorable handmade cards which you will see below.

I loved shooting at the observatory! The combo of the whimsical balloons, the glittery city lights, the watercolor sunset, and an absolutely sweet & down-for-anything couple made for the dreamiest session.

** On a side note, just discovered last night that we were nominated for the Poppytalk awards! I was so excited as I love their beautiful design blog! Would be so honored if you would vote for us here! **

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18 Responses to “{ Hana + Toshi, Part II | Griffith Observatory Engagement }”

  1. Nelly Chung Says:

    So sweet, Adrienne!!! Lovely as always.

  2. nancy {so happi together} Says:

    I am loving all of these, but that second to last one totally gets me! thanks for sharing your art! xo!!

  3. William Kim Says:

    wow, I LOVE the Balloons!!! The first photo just blows me away! great work as usual!

  4. Henry Chen Says:

    You’re seriously the queen of rocking balloons at e-sessions! And your couple is such troopers for hiking up to the observatory!

  5. Ingrid Says:

    Haha, after all this time of looking at your site, I only realized just now that you have a comments section. This session was particularly beautiful, and one of my favorites from you! I hope I’m this cute when I get engaged!

  6. Dandy Says:

    Oh my goodness, as I looked thru the last few shots I noticed I was holding my breath. The sunset and the light from the signs mixed witht he gorgeous couple are just amazing.

  7. Sandy Says:

    OMG, I totally LOVE this e-session. The balloon adds such a sweet and fun touch to these photos. I like how you were with them all the way through sunset, these pictures really look like they tell a story too! =)

  8. Christine Says:

    The first (I gasped) and last are my favorites! :] Haha. I think this is one of my favorite sessions so far!

  9. Holly Steen Says:

    oh I love! so cute… I think you did a great job and you can tell you were all in camera (not too much retouching). Great work Adrienne!

  10. jackie g Says:

    the first and last were also my faves!! awesome Adrienne!

  11. Gail Says:

    Fo REAL girl this may be like, my favorite engagement post EVER. Like, ever in the history of all other engagement posts. My love affair with that observatory is DEEP. Thanks for sharing. And how FUN that the clients came up with the balloon idea themselves!

  12. Anne Says:

    I just went to the Griffith for the first time the other day. Beautiful shots, just beautiful. I loved how you played with the “to telescope” lighting. :D

  13. connieMchung Says:

    way to rock a shoot! :)

  14. cindy Says:

    they look so happy. you captured the light so beautifully.
    love you adrienne!

  15. This Lovely City Says:

    This is a BEAUTIFUL session! The light, the balloons, I love it all! That 2nd to last photo is out of this world stunning! xo

  16. Jordana Says:

    the last one… absolutely delicious!

  17. Jaenee Says:

    Wow Adrienne–this shoot is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Nature shots plus beautiful architecture with the twilight sky and the city lights in the background? DIVINE!!! Like a few of the others, the first and the last photos took my breath away. This was the perfect shoot to incorporate balloons. Such a lucky couple. I’m sure Scott had fun with this one as well. You two did such a fantastic job on this one. I hope you two are doing well–seems you are from these amazing shoots you’ve been having! :D

  18. Stephen Grant Says:

    It doesn’t get much better than this!! What wonderful magic you captured. So glad I took a break from my move to catch up on your work…. refreshing as always!

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