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{ Jill + Jamar | Los Angeles Engagement }

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I so loved everything about this session – the foresty location (the woods! I love shooting in the woods!), Jill & Jamar’s stylish outfit choices, the sweet lace parasol they brought along… and of course, the fact that they are so cute together & so very much in love. I was completely head over heels for the ethereal vibe of it all. After shooting around the woods(!) we headed on down to the beach where we traded in the parasol for Jamar’s trusty surfboard, for some more shots against the last golden bits of light.

Jill & Jamar are such a kind & laidback couple and spending the afternoon chatting and laughing with them made me even more excited for their wedding this fall! It’s going to be at a studio backlot which pretty much automatically gives it 10,000 points of awesome :)