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{ Gloria + Ed | Summit House Wedding }

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

My initial meeting with Gloria & Ed was extra exciting in a unique way – when Ed contacted me, he explained that he was looking for a wedding photographer, but he was also interested in chatting with Scott about guitar amps. He had read about Scott’s business on my blog and asked if I could bring him along. Of course Scott excitedly obliged, and so the four of us met in a sunny cafe on a weekend afternoon.

We chatted about weddings for half an hour, and then guitar amps for the other half. (Or more specifically, Scott & Ed chatted about guitar amps and Gloria and I eventually started our own conversations about more girly things :) It’s tons of fun to bond with clients about their wedding, but always exciting when you find other connections to grow mutually excited about. And although I got hopelessly lost somewhere in between “tolex” and “baffle”, I was still brimming with excitement to be finding connections by association :)

Gloria & Ed ‘s wedding was held last month at the beautiful Summit House. Gloria is a talented designer & artist and she put together programs, favors, and other details that took a fresh perspective on the often traditional pink, and were just stunning. They held photography with high importance and allotted an hour before the ceremony for their portraits, and then TWO more hours after the reception for more photos. It was a morning wedding, so after a fun goodbye from the guests, we headed to Cal State Fullerton for photo time galore!

Gloria & Ed – thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your day. It was such a beautiful wedding and we are so glad we were able to spend the time with you afterwards – we not only got to take some awesome photos, but we felt we really got to know you both better and had such a fun time running around the campus with you!

I love the old-timey 1950s cinema feel this one has :)

I loved how the handcrafted details were whimsical and not too matchy, but all tied together perfectly. The sign-in table was a wonderful mix of colors and textures!

This little guy was awesome! He walked right up during one of the toasts and quietly waltzed around before returning to his seat:

But the fun isn’t over yet! Stay tuned for photos from our shoot at Cal State Fullerton (and more of that adorable dress!)

{ Beth + Eric | Summit House Wedding Photography }

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

It was during her father’s toast that we learned about Beth’s special appearance in the OC Register when she was just 4 years old – featured for her best smile in all of Orange County. Which came as no surprise; on the day of her wedding, Beth was all smiles – the kind that can light up not just a room, but an entire reception hall – and radiated a pure joy that was absolutely contagious.

Beth & Eric got married at the gorgeous Summit House in Fullerton a couple weekends ago and it was an incredibly warm and heartfelt wedding. Beth and Eric were both so excited and just so straight-up happy – all the things everyone hopes to be on their wedding day. I felt so blessed to share the day with them and their awesome families. A big thank you to Dave for having me along!

While Dave met up with Beth & her bridesmaids, I hung out with the guys. We went out into the backyard to “get some air” (sorry, I just couldn’t resist being punny):

I also caught a glimpse of Beth’s stunning and timeless ring:

Meet the gorgeous Beth. See? All smiles! :)

Beth’s grandparents walk down the aisle as the ceremony begins. You can really see that the awesome cheerful demeanor runs in the family!

Loved the wine-influenced hues!! And I know I say that about every color palette, but seriously, I fall head over heels for the colors at I go to!!

Portrait time in the most delicious light:

Loved this moment of Beth’s mom capturing the Father-Daughter dance:

Like all of the weddings I’ve attended with Dave, the guests sure knew how to break it DOWN! Everyone was up and about, including Beth’s mom and Beth’s 92-year-old grandfather! Too awesome!!