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{ Susan + David | Redondo Beach Wedding Photography }

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

A bride as shown in magazines and movies is elegant, sophisticated, graceful. But a bride in real life is so much more – she’s excited, she’s effervescent, she’s unique, she’s real – a down-to-earth girl who who just happens that day to be adorned in the most stunning white dress. Susan served as a beautiful reminder of this – throughout her wedding day at the elegant beachside Portofino Hotel, she laughed, she cried, she cracked jokes, she mastered a silly pose in a shot or two, and showed everyone present why a real bride is more beautiful than anything you’d find on the cover of a magazine.

Their wedding was simple and fresh. Gerber daisies, which have always been some of my favorite flowers, graced the room and popped against the cool ocean colors. Susan and David have a beautiful connection and it was great to see the bond between their families as well, as they danced together and laughed together and celebrated the union of two individuals and two households.

A big thank you to the amazingly talented Tracy Kumono for inviting me to come along!

Loved this moment of prayer:

There were bouts of dancing throughout the entire reception!

The moving father-daughter dance:

Near the end of the reception we snuck out for just a few portraits: