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{ candice + james | backyard engagement }

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Engagement sessions at home will never cease to steal my heart. This coziness, this relaxation, this warmth – it’s something I strive to capture at every session, and with an intimate backdrop like a home, these qualities just seem to come out so easily & naturally.

Candice & James recently purchased their first home together, a little 1920s style house with the loveliest little backyard. Hardwood floors, vintage windows, a breakfast nook, lemon trees, ivy creeping against walls – it all comes together to form a canvas against which so many wonderful memories will be made! I fell in love with this amazing couple & their beautiful new space :)

{ amanda + kelly | pasadena engagement }

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Meet Amanda. She’s an amazing coordinator and co-founder of Fresh Events Company and has put together some of the most beautiful/creative/flawlessly executed weddings I have seen. And now, it’s her turn! I could go on and on and get real real sappy regarding what an honor it is to have worked alongside her for so many weddings and events, only to have the opportunity to document her own special day, but I’ll save that all for the wedding post :)

For now, I’d just like to say, how cute are these two?? This session was the first time I really got to spend time with Amanda & Kelly together, and watching them interact is the sweetest thing (it’s punny! there’s candy in this session!) – they’re so playful and silly together and I loved how they chose a location that lent itself to these interactions.

Special thanks to Rocket Fizz for letting us run amok in their store & stay tuned for the wedding photos coming up soon! (In summary: Their wedding was amazeballs. I took five hundred million photos. I love my job.)

Bougainvillea! It’s my photographic equivalent to bacon-wrapped hot dogs sold by the side of the road at 2am – I JUST CAN’T WALK BY WITHOUT STOPPING.

{ anita + eric | pasadena engagement }

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I adore the brainstorming process for engagement sessions! A meaningful location, perhaps a prop or two, or a theme, endless outfit choices… there are so many ways to personalize a session, and I loved going through the planning period with Anita & Eric. My heart skipped a beat as I opened Anita’s emails to see phrases like “vintage time-travel theme”, “hourglass stool”, “pink dress”, and best of all, “we went wild at Home Goods” :) I would conjure up all sorts of fantastical images along the way, but I was still blown away when I arrived to see all they had put together for the session! With this kind of excitement & dedication (and love!) from the couple, how could the session be anything but fabulous? :)

Can’t wait to see them (and Uyen! one of my most favorite coordinators) again for their wedding this June!

I would really love to have this pink gate in my house. kthxbye.