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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I resisted it for the longest time, I really did. Because I knew – I knew once I joined, I’d be so captivated by all the pretty images on there, and be incessantly posting my own photos of food, and tea cups, and my feet, and sunsets, and food, and my boyfriend, and trees, and travels, and food, and everything & anything I found beautiful and/or inspirational (read: most things).

If this {and the below peek} seems like fun to you, you can follow me at @adriennegunde :)

{ jess + rich | brookside equestrian wedding }

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I would like to say that the reason Jess & Rich‘s wedding was amazing in so many ways, the reason it had me tearing up in the middle of a cafe {good lawd} as I was editing the images, was because I’ve known Jess for years and that they are a couple that is so close to my heart. But the reality of it is that even if I hadn’t know Jess and her family for years, and hadn’t had such a close association to them – I would still have been a teary mess because the wedding was just. that. amazing. in and of itself. It was a true expression of who they are, and love seriously poured out of each and every moment. Like when Jess gifted necklaces to Rich’s daughters during the ceremony, and shakily expressed, “you are my heart”. Or when her sister Nikki gave her speech and Jess stood to embrace her when she found it hard to go on. Her mother helping her put on the very veil she wore for her own wedding day. Or the way Rich and Jess looked at each other during their first look, and couldn’t stop smiling. Love, everywhere, all day, and it was wonderful.

When Jess first called me years ago to tell me about this man she had just met, we were 23 year old kids, and I couldn’t have imagined what an amazing thing that relationship would blossom into. It is a wonderful happiness to see two people who are pretty much perfect for each other, who shine in each other’s presence, and it’s even more wonderful when that person is a dear friend.

Jess & Rich – I’m so happy for you and feel so honored and blessed to have been the one to document your special day. There was so much prettiness to capture in every corner, and I hope these images do justice for just how amazing your day was :)

Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center
Coordinator: Lauren Kadowaki
Florals: Bunch Studio (always my fave! :)
Make-up/Hair: Theresa Huang

{ allison + elijah | summit house wedding }

Friday, April 29th, 2011

There are times couples book me through email and I don’t meet them until the engagement session. Or I meet with just the bride over coffee and don’t meet the groom until then. Or, as happened here, I met & got to know Allison over a fun meeting at the Culver Hotel, but since they had done an engagement session prior to even finding me online, I didn’t meet Elijah until the wedding day.

But I’d just like to say {as I hope these images below express} that just seeing them interact for the first time that day, maybe from just one or two seconds into their First Look(!), I could sense what an amazing relationship they have. In the way they both instantly relax in each other’s presence. Their constant smiles throughout the day. Joyful tears exchanged at the altar, their words exchanged in vows. An overwhelming excitement and support extended from their family and friends. It all comes together to say – this here? this is a special kind of love.

I am so happy they opted for a first look, as it allowed tons of time for portraits around the amazing Summit House. I love the cozy vibe of this venue and Allison & Elijah played that up with lots of warm and homey details, including amazing florals created by Kim of Art with Nature. I always love her soft & romantic arrangements!

Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to document days like this? :)

Love the bridesmaids’ bouquets (billy balls FTW!) and accessories. Those chunky necklaces were so perfect!

I don’t usually post too many silly pictures, but these seriously had me cracking up so hard I could barely sit still long enough to edit them. I adore this bridal party – SUCH DEDICATION.

While I was photographing the girls, Connie got this great shot of the groomsmen!

Aside from being fantastically in love, can we just take a moment to reflect on HOW RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING these two are??

Tulips are some of my favorite flowers… love when they make appearances in weddings! :)