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{ J | boudoir }

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The feedback I get when I deliver boudoir photos is such a wonderful thing. To hear how much she loves the images, that she will be treasuring them for a lifetime, the happy disbelief in I can’t believe this is me! That last bit especially – the words of happy surprise – are a huge part of why I love doing the sessions so much. Because I really want to show you how pretty you are. Because so many of us girls {myself included!} don’t necessarily have the perfect relationship with our bodies. Because we’re worried about this here or that there, because on a daily basis it’s easy to overlook what can make you unique and beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned before, the session is a wonderful gift for your man (for J it’s going to be a sweet anniversary gift for her hubby) but in the end, when you can get a peek of yourself in this light, that you’re beautiful through and through, inside and out, it’s really a gift for yourself. Thank you so much J for trusting me to photograph you and allowing me to share a few here – you are absolutely gorgeous in every way!

{ A | boudoir }

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I so love photographing boudoir sessions. The basic idea is of course for them to have a sexy appeal, but I always find myself wanting to shoot them in a way that is more subtle – soft, romantic, feminine, classy. If this sounds like fun to you, do send me an email, I’d love to get you in front of my camera! :)

{ V | Boudoir }

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I absolutely love boudoir sessions – the images result in an intimate gift that will make your fiance’s jaw drop, but even more so, it’s a chance to have fun, to celebrate yourself and embrace your beauty. The feedback I get from girls afterwards always makes me so happy – that they come out of the session feeling beautiful & empowered, that they felt they could relax & be themselves. I always shoot with the hope of capturing not only the sexy side, but the fun, feminine, romantic sides of every girl :)

I had so much fun with V – she’s stunning and the camera completely adored her, and I love that she thoughtfully chose to incorporate a couple cute cupcakes into this session, since her fiance has a big sweet tooth! She also brought the sweetest bottle of wine; I am a HUGE sucker for wine bottles with cute, creative labels (I’ll buy a bottle just because the design is oh-so-pretty) and this one was just perfect for the occasion.

Thank you to V for her kind permission to share these images here :)