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{ Colleen + Keean | Los Angeles Engagement }

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A sweet session at one of my most favorite neighborhood spots! Colleen and Keean were immediately at ease in front of the camera, perhaps partially due to the fact that they are so perfectly at ease with each other – they delved right into what I hope couples will do at these sessions… interact, soak in each other’s presence, and almost almost forget the camera’s there. They trusted each other for laughs & smiles, and they trusted me to capture them in my most favorite way. I loved how relaxed and casual this session felt {and Colleen’s pop-of-color marigold cardigan – I loved that too!}

Stay tuned for their crisp summertime wedding coming soon!

{ Sylvia + Kenny }

Friday, April 30th, 2010

On a rare lazy Sunday, Scott & I visited a little overlook I had been wanting to see to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. We brought our cameras {including our new film cameras – more on that soon!} and had fun snapping away at the amazing skyline, the gorgeous wildflowers, each other — but I couldn’t help but secretly think (okay I lied, I thought it very much out loud) how I wished I had a fabulous couple to shoot at this new Best Location In the Universe.

I actually was SO SO ANTSY that I called my sister on the drive home, told her I had found a photographer’s paradise, and asked if her & her awesome bf Kenny would be up for a photoshoot that very week. Luckily, my sister is a photographer as well, completely understood my crazy photographer needs, and agreed without a second thought. I firmly believe my little sis is way more stylish & photogenic than I am, but see any sisterly resemblance? :)

A big thank you to my sister & Kenny for agreeing to this shoot and braving the craziest of winds for these photos. I am so so excited we could work out this shoot even in the midst of wedding season.

P.S. Note to anyone having a heart attack at this moment (aka Mom) – these are just for fun & NOT engagement photos :)