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{ dawn + craig | maternity portraits }

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Part of why I so love what I do is the fact that I get to capture milestones, wonderful moments that only happen a handful of times in a lifetime. It’s even more exciting when I get to be a part of multiple milestones for the same couple, so I was overjoyed when Dawn {a past bride-turned-friend, my favorite!} contacted me regarding some maternity photos of her & Craig. I loved working with them for their engagement session & wedding day.. and since both of these were filled to the brim with creativity and personality, I should have known that Dawn would come up with something equally amazing for the maternity session!

So how is this for amazing… dozens of photos hanging from trees – baby photos, family photos, engagement & wedding photos, and tons of memories Dawn & Craig have shared over the years, a lovely little bench, a collection of pastel-colored frames. We headed to one of my favorite photo spots, set everything up, and I got to shoot one of the sweetest couples ever in the prettiest light. It really doesn’t get much better than this :)

So excited for them and their little bundle of joy who is on his way any day now!

Seriously, is Dawn not THE cutest, prettiest pregnant lady you’ve ever seen??

So in love with this pillow, good thing it didn’t fit in my Shootsac or I might have have tried to sneak it home with me ;)

{ Joyce | Maternity }

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Joyce was one of my very best friends growing up. During snack breaks in high school, we used to buy Flaming Hot Cheetoes and eat them dipped in cream cheese (trust me, it’s the next best dipping combo after frosties & fries). We were tennis partners all 4 years & had a special tennis “high five” we’d do with our racquets whenever we scored. Not that we were actually very good. But that was the fun of it – because Joyce was, and always had been, about having fun and living in the moment.

I always admired that about her. That she was so carefree & laidback – that no matter how hard she worked, she never complained; that even when things were their hardest, she could always smile; that even when she was busy as could be herself, she always ALWAYS found the time to help a friend without a second thought. And because of these amazing qualities, qualities I can only wish I could so gracefully possess, I always knew she would make the absolute perfect mother. Of course her insane domestic abilities couldn’t hurt as well – her cooking, sewing, and crafting skills definitely put my I’m-just-trying-to-not-burn-the-toast self to shame.

About a year ago, when Joyce had just graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Tokyo, I asked her what her plans were next. Working in a big name restaurant? Teaching cooking classes? Focusing on opening her own patisserie? She thought for a moment, smiled, and said, “I just want to be a mom…”

It is with an extremely happy heart that I share these photos of my friend in one of her most radiant times :)

I love how the recent rains resulted in the prettiest green fields…

{ Nancy & Garrett | Los Angeles Maternity Photography }

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like to become a parent. The combination of joy, accountability, and pure love that I conjure up can only pale in comparison to the real collection of emotions that a new parent must feel. I got just a small glimpse at such a reality when I photographed Nancy & Garrett a couple weekends ago. I was overjoyed when Nancy contacted me to photograph the two of them & the soon-to-be newest addition to their family! (A big thank you to Hana for sending them my way!) It was my first time doing a maternity session and I loved seeing the way Nancy and Garrett interacted with each other, as well as with baby Lucas. They’re going to be such wonderful parents!

UCLA’s Botanical Gardens provided the perfect secluded and scenic location for the shoot. Even though all three of us are UCLA alums, we had each only visited the gardens once or twice. And after visiting it this last time, I must say it is way WAY bigger than I remember. Who knew there was a jungle in the middle of campus?