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{ Fridays }

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Happy Friday! We will be returning to session postings shortly, but I’m taking a quick intermission to share a little recap of last Friday (before these days of rain and hail and STORMWATCH 2010! arrived upon us).

The first main event of the evening was The Wedding Clique mixer, hosted by two amazing people, Henry Chen and Trini of Nozza Studio. I am so honored to know them & be part of a great resource like The Wedding Clique, and had a wonderful time seeing old faces & making new friends! If you’re a vendor & making friends is your idea of a good time, be sure to follow The Wedding Clique on Twitter to stay updated! Word is, these mixers will be a quarterly happening!

The second event of the evening was Scott’s band’s show at the Good Hurt. I’ve posted about Potential Difference before and like always, came along with my camera in hand. Some snaps from the set, mixed with fun portraits we shot afterwards are below. You can hear their tunes via myspace here! This was their first show at the Good Hurt which is a cool venue – partially because of the neat space and vibe, and partially because of the fact that they have JARS OF CANDY on every table. JARS! of CANDY!