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{ meghan + lee | hotel maya wedding }

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

A perfect sunny day in Long Beach, the shimmery ocean, lots of bright jewel tones courtesy of the Hotel Maya, tons of emotion, and a seriously awesome couple. So much prettiness to shoot that day :) Meghan and Lee are the type of people who go with the flow, who keep it real, who find every opportunity to smile & enjoy the moment, so you can imagine that shooting their wedding was a breeze and so much fun! It was the perfect way to round out my summer wedding season :)

The past couple months have been the busiest for me this year, and I’m excited to share lots of lovely fall weddings with you soon!

{ Kelie + Kaare | Long Beach Wedding }

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Kelie and Kaare were married in Long Beach on a sunny May afternoon. I met with Kelie and her bridesmaids at the juicy-colored Hotel Maya, followed by a sweet first look right along the waters edge, and portraits around the hotel’s grounds. The unique & mod hotel was actually Kelie’s main reason for wanting to do a first look – she was smitten by the bright colorful architecture (as am I! smitten silly!) and knew that doing a first look was the only way to get portraits there since the ceremony took place at a different location.

Fastforwarding to today, I actually met with Kelie this afternoon and as we reminisced about her wedding day, she shared that she was really glad they made the decision to see each other beforehand, and that the portraits we did around the Maya was one of her favorite memories of the day. It made my heart so happy to hear this – I often mention the benefits of a first look to my couples, but to hear her share her experience through cheery smiles was a wonderful testament to her decision. As you’ll see below, we really got to take our time, relax, and explore the vivid space!

And as you’ll also see, this allowed time after the ceremony to focus on an awesome offering from Skylinks – the golf course gave them a cart to ride around in for the day! Their fabulous coordinator Jenn adorned it with a gajillion balloons and it was such a cheerful & fun photo op (and so wonderfully reminiscent of Up! :)

Thank you Kelie & Kaare for inviting us to photograph your amazing day, and to my dear friend Jenn Yamauchi {} for flawlessly coordinating every minute of it! If you’re looking for an endlessly warm, super sweet, and meticulously organized person to have on hand for your day, Jenn’s your girl!

Loved how Kelie’s vibrant orange & purple color palette matched the hotel’s vibe so perfectly!

True story: Kelie’s sparkly Toms for the reception rocked my world. Another true story: I always take way WAY too many shoe shots at weddings!