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{ susan + ken | los angeles engagement photos }

Friday, March 15th, 2013

When we were brainstorming for their engagement session, Susan and Ken mentioned that they wanted to really personalize the shoot, perhaps with some props. I adore a stylized session that thoughtfully incorporates bits and pieces of who the couple is, and after delving a bit more into their relationship we found the perfect additions – their adorable pups! They also brought along a beautiful quilt that Susan had made for Ken years back, which proved perfect for them to cuddle up in once the wind picked up at our second location on the beach :)

I had so much fun with them and am so excited for their Cafe Pinot wedding this year!

{ anita + eric | pasadena engagement }

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I adore the brainstorming process for engagement sessions! A meaningful location, perhaps a prop or two, or a theme, endless outfit choices… there are so many ways to personalize a session, and I loved going through the planning period with Anita & Eric. My heart skipped a beat as I opened Anita’s emails to see phrases like “vintage time-travel theme”, “hourglass stool”, “pink dress”, and best of all, “we went wild at Home Goods” :) I would conjure up all sorts of fantastical images along the way, but I was still blown away when I arrived to see all they had put together for the session! With this kind of excitement & dedication (and love!) from the couple, how could the session be anything but fabulous? :)

Can’t wait to see them (and Uyen! one of my most favorite coordinators) again for their wedding this June!

I would really love to have this pink gate in my house. kthxbye.

{ published! }

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

It was an overcast day in November. I was sitting cross-legged on my bed in my San Francisco hotel room, laptop by my side, on the phone with the sweetest writer who was putting together an article for Professional Photographer magazine. When I hung up the phone I’m pretty sure a fervent pinching session ensued. Because seriously? Phone interview? Really? Me?

I absolutely love engagement sessions and it is an honor to be included in an article in the February issue, regarding ways to keep sessions fun and unique. I get asked from time to time regarding using props to personalize sessions – who brings them, how we decide what to use, etc. and I was excited to share a little about my experiences in this article. You can download the full story here. A very big thank you to to Rebecca Zoumberos for passing my name along initially, and to Stephanie Boozer for chatting with me, putting my rambly rambly thoughts into coherent sentences, and conveying what I meant to say so eloquently :)