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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I admire people with skillZ. With a capital Z. The amazing cook, the genius programmer, the perfect athlete – I have the utmost respect for people who are masters at what they do. And while I totally believe that if you practice at something enough, you can join the ranks of those with skillZ, I also believe you have to have that initial passion, that fire that makes your face light up whenever someone mentions what you love to do. And as much as I would like to learn how to whip up a mean Daube de Porc aux Chataignes en cocotte lutee (which my amazing friend Joyce can actually make), my fire tells me to put this little black device up to my face and click away. (And to become the master of all online typing tests. That too.)

And as much as I love dancing (particularly in front of the mirror with a toothbrush-mic), my right foot often ends up masquerading as a left. Which means I am especially in awe of good dancers. How do you MOVE? Like THAT? Which is some of what was going through my head as I did a headshot session with Gabi recently in downtown LA. Gabi is an amazing dancer and was looking for some new photos – she does hula, salsa, ballet, hip hop, and whacking (which I was unfamiliar with but is totally awesome and looks like a combination of all of the above). I had such a good time shooting her because she had such a great attitude, was full of ideas, and down to try anything. (“How about I try to climb up on that?” LOVE IT!) I loved all the bright walls and fun little nooks we found to shoot in as well!

Just a reminder that Cans for Comments is still going on until December 12th! Any comments left on this entry or any entry will be magically transformed into cans to be donated! And be sure to visit some of these other awesome photographers’ blogs who are on the can-wagon as well!
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Showing her moves:

A quick change of clothes and a few more shots:

{ Cans for Comments }

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

In my usual Sunday blog perusing (or blog stalking.. call it what you will!) I paid a visit to Justin & Mary Marantz’s ever-fabulous blog. I found that they’re participating in an awesome “cans for comments” drive that was originally started by Chris + Lynn Photographers and has since been picked up by other Vancouver photographers. I was totally inspired to jump right onto the bandwagon and bring it to the westsiiiide! It’s a totally simple concept: you comment (on any of my blog entries) and I buy a can! For all comments left between now and Friday, December 12th I will be buying an equal number of cans and donating them to our local food bank. Please don’t be shy – I would love if you would help the cause and leave a few words… especially if you’ve never said hello before! :) And while you’re at it, why don’t you go leave a few words at the totally awesome above-mentioned blogs as well!

Before I head to bed, here’s a from sneak peek from Gabi’s downtown LA headshot session. (I completely realize this is a handshot, and not a headshot, but there will totally be shots with heads soon, I promise ;)

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