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{ cecile + volt | downtown LA engagement }

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Love how much these two laugh – they cracked each other up the entire afternoon and I barely had to dig into my usual arsenal of oh-so-hilarious jokes :) We wandered around some of my favorite places in downtown including Little Tokyo, where we happened upon the newly opened ‘lette. I’m usually the first to run towards macarons, but was happily surprised to find Volt & Cecile beelining for the store before me – definitely my kind of clients! :)

Their wedding will be my last for the year and I’m so excited to be there to capture it and celebrate with them!

{ tanya + marcus | downtown LA engagement }

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I’m seriously counting my lucky stars that I was introducted to Tanya & Marcus by my friend & coordinator extraordinaire Uyen! Tanya & Marcus are currently living on the east coast, so they booked both of us without having yet met us in person. Uyen got to meet them first a few days before our session, and she excitedly told me afterwards how fun and sweet they are and how we’d have such a blast working together – she was totally spot on! So excited for when we all get to rendezvous again for their wedding this fall! :)

{ dina + mark | downtown LA engagement }

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

With engagement sessions, I love when it’s as if I’m just accompanying the couple on a date… natural laughs, quiet intimate moments, an organic unfolding. This is definitely how this one felt – just an afternoon in downtown, a couple cups of coffee, a walk around the neighborhood, a spontaneous stop here and there. I do give some direction during sessions but the ultimate goal is this right here; Dina & Mark interacting in the fun sweet way they do and me accompanying with camera in tow.

Wedding photos are lovely and joyous and so precious, but I love engagement sessions in that they can really show a bit more of who you are together on an everyday level. A snapshot of this.particular.moment in your life.