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{ dina + mark | downtown LA engagement }

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

With engagement sessions, I love when it’s as if I’m just accompanying the couple on a date… natural laughs, quiet intimate moments, an organic unfolding. This is definitely how this one felt – just an afternoon in downtown, a couple cups of coffee, a walk around the neighborhood, a spontaneous stop here and there. I do give some direction during sessions but the ultimate goal is this right here; Dina & Mark interacting in the fun sweet way they do and me accompanying with camera in tow.

Wedding photos are lovely and joyous and so precious, but I love engagement sessions in that they can really show a bit more of who you are together on an everyday level. A snapshot of this.particular.moment in your life.

{ sara + tri | downtown los angeles engagement }

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

This session makes my heart so so happy. Brightly-patterned skirts, a pretty bouquet, tall buildings, open fields, a fantastic couple – all shot in this city I love so much. I’ve been going on some photo adventures recently shooting personal work (on film!), and I feel like it’s given me a newfound adoration for LA. Because it has a bad rap sometimes doesn’t it? Urban sprawl, crowded, superficial, trafficky…. But if you care to really explore and see – it’s full of the most amazing little locations.

We started in downtown, rode Angel’s Flight, strolled through Angel’s Knoll Park {500 Days of Summer!}, frolicked by fountains, then finished in a sunlit field in Griffith Park, where the most awesome vintage motorcycle was awaiting us (thanks to Tri’s brother!)

Sara & Tri are fun-loving, laidback, adventurous, and I loved exploring with them! And if for any reason LA has not yet won over your heart, I hope these photos help change your mind…