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{ liane + stephen | beverly hills courthouse wedding }

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Another lovely wedding at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. I feel so fortunate to have been able to photograph so many beautiful ceremonies here in the last year – it started with Crystal & Marc’s last spring and they have just kept coming in! :)

Liane and Stephen made sure to allow lots of time for portraits afterwards and I love the soft and romantic shots we were able to get in the gardens just across the way from the courthouse. To top it all off, they held an intimate reception afterwards at Bouchon… I may or may not have made a stop at the bakery on the way out to load up on pastries for my drive home :)

{ kaitlin + john | beverly hills wedding }

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

In my last post, I mentioned how I felt so lucky to photograph two super sweet and intimate courthouse weddings in the same day! Kaitlin and John were the second couple I met up with that afternoon – from the moment I saw them I could tell how giddy and excited they were to tie the knot. We chatted a bit in the courthouse hallways, they had their ceremony with just the two of them (and I got to serve as the witness!), then we strolled around outside for portraits, where they discreetly opened up a celebratory bottle of champagne for a couple shots! :)

On my way up to the courthouse, I had spotted a cool open lot + alley area just steps away that had beautiful light and pretty pastel colors – I mentally crossed my fingers that Kaitlin & John would be up for shooting there, and was so excited when they happily went along with the idea. I so love when clients trust my vision for shots, even with locations that on first glance seem not so picturesque. Had so much fun with them both!

{ amy + konrad | beverly hills wedding photos }

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Last spring, I had the fortune of photographing a beautiful courthouse wedding in Beverly Hills, and immediately fell in love with documenting sweet intimate ceremonies like that. I secretly hoped that more would come my way, and happily this year had not one but two(!) couples stumble across my blog & contact me who were also getting married there. The kicker? It turns out both inquiries were for the same exact same date! Luckily their ceremony times worked out perfectly so that I was able to photograph both, as well as a collection of pretty portraits afterwards. The Beverly Hills Courthouse is located in the most picturesque little neighborhood, so there are all kinds of cute parks and patches of greenery just steps away from the courthouse doors!

I’m excited to share photos from both ceremonies with you, but we’ll start with Amy & Konrad. Konrad currently lives in LA, but literally everyone else flew into the city for this wedding. Amy from Florida, her parents from New York, his parents from Australia! The small room at the courthouse was full of bustling energy and so so much joy. So thankful that Amy’s mother found me online from across the country & I was able to be a part of this special day!