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{ Christmas! & Cans for Comments }

Monday, December 21st, 2009

I love the holidays. I love candy canes and sparkly lights and piney-smelling trees and colorful wrapping paper and “A Christmas Story” 24-hour marathons on TV. But I don’t love how somehow, no matter how much I prepare for it, Christmas sneaks up on me every year. I’m always still recovering from the massive stuffing-induced food coma of Thanksgiving and then BAM! one week to Christmas. And in 7 days, I must get a tree, and deck the halls, and eat 18 days worth of chocolates from the advent calendar, and listen to as much KOST-Your-Official-Holiday-Music-Station as my brain can handle, and go out and battle all the other Christmas procrastinators for holiday gifts. I seriously have been planning all year to do 100% of my holiday shopping on Etsy from the comfort of my living room couch, but yet again, crafty Christmas and online holiday deadlines have duped me. But have no fear blog world – Christmas 2010 will be different! I can’t tell you exactly what my plan is, but it has something to do with finding a lot that sells Christmas trees in July ;)

There is one more Christmas activity on the list that I admit I had hoped to start earlier. Last year, Chris+Lynn Photographers started up a “Cans for Comments” drive as a way to give back during the holidays. I was one of many photogs who jumped on the can-wagon & by the time the holidays came around, Cans for Comments had spread like wildfire in the photography community! I loved the response I got on this little blog last year and am happy to announce we will be at it again!

For all comments left between now and December 31st, I will be donating 1 can per comment to our local foodbank. Thank you so much to everyone who participated last year & looking forward to your lovely comments this year!

And because I would never leave you without a photo, here’s a quick one of a sweet favor from the Urbanic holiday party earlier this month. Sugarcube Press was there with their letterpress, helping everyone manually letterpress their own ornaments!

{ Cans for Comments }

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

In my usual Sunday blog perusing (or blog stalking.. call it what you will!) I paid a visit to Justin & Mary Marantz’s ever-fabulous blog. I found that they’re participating in an awesome “cans for comments” drive that was originally started by Chris + Lynn Photographers and has since been picked up by other Vancouver photographers. I was totally inspired to jump right onto the bandwagon and bring it to the westsiiiide! It’s a totally simple concept: you comment (on any of my blog entries) and I buy a can! For all comments left between now and Friday, December 12th I will be buying an equal number of cans and donating them to our local food bank. Please don’t be shy – I would love if you would help the cause and leave a few words… especially if you’ve never said hello before! :) And while you’re at it, why don’t you go leave a few words at the totally awesome above-mentioned blogs as well!

Before I head to bed, here’s a from sneak peek from Gabi’s downtown LA headshot session. (I completely realize this is a handshot, and not a headshot, but there will totally be shots with heads soon, I promise ;)

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