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{ mackenzie + phil | griffith park engagement photos }

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Confession: I sort of became smitten with MacKenzie and Phil just through our email exchanges, before even meeting them in person. Because a couple who is just so excited about their session, so overjoyed to brainstorm locations or props or outfits, whose happy personalities shine through just from their typed words are just my favorite kind of couple! :) Of course they were even sweeter in person and we had so much fun exploring Griffith Park and the observatory, with the three of us and one giant white balloon packed into their car :)

Also, how amazing is MacKenzie’s hair? Props to Theresa Huang for beautiful hair & make-up as always!

{ kelley + edmund | orange county engagement }

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Kelley & Edmund love the movie Up, and wanted to incorporate tons of balloons into their session as a tribute to the film. Armed with a helium tank, a spool of ribbon, and scissors, we pushed through finger cramps and blew up & tied about 40 colorful balloons in the parking lot for the shoot. I adore Up as well {even though I always end up bawling literally 10 minutes into it, how does that happen, THE MOVIE JUST STARTED} and am so glad we could incorporate a bit of its inspiration into their session!

Can’t wait for their wedding at the Smog Shoppe this fall!

{ hanaya + darren | palos verdes engagement }

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I love shooting in Palos Verdes! It feels like an extension of my backyard. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Torrance, and you’re met with cliffs, breathtaking views, and quiet solitude. My sister and I drove up once (pre-SLR days), and took pictures in one of the random fields with a point-and-shoot. And now, years later, I get to make pictures of amazing couples in the same area? Life is awesome, yes? :)

Hanaya and Darren are the types of people who bring the happy with them wherever they go. They both share a super sweet and mellow vibe, and complement each other so so perfectly. We’ll all be heading back up to PV for their wedding in July!

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