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{ Kim + Danny | Prado Wedding }

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

We’re back from New York and I’ve been playing a mad game of catch up the past couple days! I have tons of photos to share from both the dreamy Central Park wedding & our own adventures around the city, but in the meantime, I’m super excited to share this lovely April wedding!

I first met with Kim & Danny on a summery evening last July, a meeting that turned into a 3-hour long conversation about their wedding, travels, food (sushi!), and beautiful relationship. There were points in our meeting where I almost teared up hearing their stories – of overcoming obstacles & hardships together, of their favorite memories – they unmistakably share one of the strongest and most unbreakable loves I’ve witnessed. I walked away afterwards SO excited to work with them and immediately proceeded to call Scott to gush about our meeting & the fantastic couple I had just gotten to know :)

Their spring wedding was elegant, romantic, & full of love, and the rustic Prado in Balboa Park was the perfect backdrop. Special thanks to Alicia of Bellini Events for flawlessly coordinating the day!

Kim is such a classic beauty…

I loved the bright flowers each bridesmaid wore in her hair…

… as well as their plethora of amazing red shoes!! If I could have one of each in my closet, I would be a happy gal :)

{ WPPI 2010 }

Monday, March 29th, 2010

A bit belated, but wanted to do a quick post on WPPI 2010! It was a fantastic experience in so many ways & since rehashing everything will be a bit overwhelming, I’ll do a quick recap on what I learned in lovely bullet-point style:

– Having a fantastic second-shooter boyfriend to hold your hand through your first WPPI experience is totally amazing & invaluable. But leaving the guys behind and making it a girls trip is also a good call :) Road-tripped it to Vegas with the best roomies a girl could ask for – Serena Grace, Caroline Tran, & Sarah K Chen. It was so fun & inspiring sharing the trip with them!

Take some classes. I only browsed the trade show last year, but took 2 classes this year – Elizabeth Messina & Jonathan Canlas – which both blew my mind. They are both utterly fantastic film photographers, and though I’ve been infatuated with the depth & color of film forever, I never strongly considered shooting it until I heard them speak. I don’t think the change will be happening in my professional work anytime soon, but I am definitely hoping to start shooting film personally.

Bring a point-and-shoot to capture all the fun moments & DON’T FORGET THE CHARGER. My 5D was charged up all nicely but I didn’t quite feel like lugging it all around the MGM. My point-and-shoot died literally 1 hour upon entering into Vegas city limits. Sad day!

– And lastly, what happens in Vegas apparently does NOT always stay in Vegas, since I basically caught the bubonic plague there and it followed me all the way home to Los Angeles. Lame.

Some quick photos of a few of my favorite memories…

Roomies before the Airhorns & Lasers party..

One of my few shots with my 5D.. Sarah & Serena peeking out the window upon our arrival to our suite:

So happy to finally meet Tey Garcia & Karen Atrero – the sweet girly halves of amazing husband & wife photog teams!

A shot from the Fuji booth… with the cost of Polaroid film starting to cost me all my limbs, I would love to get my hands on a Fuji Instax!

Fun at the SmugMug party (my first time donning a Snuggie!)

A pic with my SD girl Jackie Wonders.. I [heart] her!

On the way home from Vegas (after a quick stop at the delicious Mad Greek), we stopped off in the middle of nowhere for a quick impromptu portrait session. The light was gorgeous!

Sarah’s Contax.. you can see some of her lovely film captures here:

And one of yours truly, courtesy of Serena. It’s been ages since I’ve had a portrait taken of me, but these girls are excellent at making you feel as un-awkward as possible.

And a quick last group shot before heading back into LA!

{ Out of Office: WPPI }

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Hello from WPPI! I’m here at the convention in Las Vegas until Thursday so my apologies ahead of time if email replies are a bit slow the next few days! My roomies {Caroline Tran, Serena Grace, Sarah K Chen} & I drove in yesterday afternoon and are looking forward to classes, parties, & meeting lots of new people! You can follow all of my adventures over the next few days on Twitter.

Leaving you with a quick picture of us before the Airhorns & Lasers party last night (because a camera phone pic is better than no pic at all!)