{ paola + josh // hummingbird nest ranch wedding }

Such a romantic summer wedding! Everything about this day was so dreamy, from the stunning venue, to the thoughtful details, to the amazing dinner spreads (think multiple stations serving sushi, roast beef & pastrami, three kinds of mashed potatoes, salads, tacos, and desserts of every kind), and wonderful cultural traditions tied in.

September has been quite the busy month for weddings and this was just the perfect one to kick it all off!

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3 Responses to “{ paola + josh // hummingbird nest ranch wedding }”

  1. megan Says:

    Ah I love this one! I’m shooting there next month and this entire wedding made me even that much more excited. Those bridal portraits are SO GOOD!!

  2. Heidi R. Says:

    So gorgeous! I’m shooting there this month!

  3. Anna Says:

    geesh Adrienne! So gorgeous!!!

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