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{ a courthouse wedding story }

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Valentine’s Day. The Beverly Hills Courthouse. It was quite the busy day for a courthouse wedding, with a long line of excited walk-ins forming down the hall of the 2nd floor. I met Shannon & Reggie there on this sunny morning, accompanied by his mother as well as their 3 beautiful daughters.

I’ve photographed quite a few weddings here, but it was my first time shooting on this holiday. Usually when I arrive we walk right in for the couple’s appointment, but I was happy to find that this waiting time that morning provided an opportunity to tell a little more of the story. Of them shimmying down slowly in line, the two older girls playing hand clapping games, the littlest one passing out, Shannon fixing her daughter’s bow, of the simple loving interaction between a family. By the time we reached the front of the line and walked into the ceremony room, I felt as if I knew this couple and their family so much better than when I had arrived.

This is a truly beautiful family, and it was an honor to help tell the story of this day :)