{ erin + brandon // orange county engagement }

Erin and Brandon’s dating relationship has truly stood the test of time – they’re going on 17 years! I’ve known them both for maybe half of that time and truth be told, their relationship really does seem to get sweeter each year. There is of course this calm understanding and deep-rooted love that comes from their years together & practically growing up with someone, but I also find that everytime I see them, there is a playfulness in their relationship that never seems to go away. They share an amazing sense of humor and constantly are making each other laugh, and their engagement session was filled with these moments (which made my job so easy! :)

I also adored the simple props they brought along – a bouquet of wildflowers and those amazing vintage chairs that I adequately obsessed over. Can’t wait for their wedding this June!

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5 Responses to “{ erin + brandon // orange county engagement }”

  1. megan Says:

    these are SO pretty. the light, the colors, amazing. And they look so sweet, I can just feel their happiness through the images!

  2. darrick & miki Says:

    Erin & Brandon – We couldn’t be more happy for the two of you!! These photos are absolutely amazing and gorgeous! You both look stunning (more so Erin) and they capture the bond and love you two have for each other! We love you both!!!

  3. Gayley Says:

    So Cute!! Adrienne your photos are so beautiful. I can’t wait to celebrate with the couple in June!!

  4. Denver Photographer Says:

    great shots. I love the softness of these, and the colors are great!

  5. Lynzi Judish Says:

    I love the cropping in so many of these shots. Beautiful series!

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