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{ erin + brandon // orange county engagement }

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Erin and Brandon’s dating relationship has truly stood the test of time – they’re going on 17 years! I’ve known them both for maybe half of that time and truth be told, their relationship really does seem to get sweeter each year. There is of course this calm understanding and deep-rooted love that comes from their years together & practically growing up with someone, but I also find that everytime I see them, there is a playfulness in their relationship that never seems to go away. They share an amazing sense of humor and constantly are making each other laugh, and their engagement session was filled with these moments (which made my job so easy! :)

I also adored the simple props they brought along – a bouquet of wildflowers and those amazing vintage chairs that I adequately obsessed over. Can’t wait for their wedding this June!

{ lina + jeff // los angeles beach engagement }

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was a bit of a doozy for me – photographed a beautiful wedding and engagement shoot, but all while battling a nasty cold :T Have been willing it away with hot tea and Airborne (I swear by that stuff!), and editing this breath-of-fresh-air engagement session in the meantime :) We planned to do photos just at a park and the beach, but then those sailboats & calm turquoise waters caught my eye on the way to the sand and I’m so so thankful Lina and Jeff were up for shooting by them since they’re some of my favorite images from the session! :) Also, could you tell I was a bit obsessed with her pop of color dress? It complimented the beachy background perfectly!

Lina and Jeff are just as sweet and fun as these photos suggest and I’m so excited for their wedding {and to get to work with the wonderful Sassy Girl Weddings} come August!

{ S // boudoir }

Monday, March 10th, 2014

A San Francisco boudoir session in one of the prettiest light-filled rooms? Yes please! Thank you to Miss S for graciously allowing me to share a few anonymous captures from our session that lovely morning :)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – boudoir is one of my most very favorite things to photograph because it is an exercise in celebrating a woman’s beauty and reminding her just how lovely she is. That as much as it is a romantic gift for your guy, it ultimately is a gift for yourself. And I’ve found that although it appears we’re focusing on capturing your outside beauty, I find in a boudoir session that I’m striving so much to capture the inner beauty of these girls. The smile with which they greet me, the sound of their laugh, the grace and kindness with which they approach those around them. Because although they are outwardly gorgeous like Miss S you see in these photos below, it is their warm personalities, their charming wit, their gracious & compassionate hearts that really makes them light up with beauty, and that is something to be celebrated.