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{ courtney + maz | griffith observatory engagement photos }

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Courtney is a friend of mine from UCLA, and Maz I met shortly afterwards. I knew them separately, and I knew them together, and they are seriously so the perfect match. Courtney is down to earth and real in every situation, she radiantly lights up any room she walks into, and has by far the biggest & best laugh I have ever seen. And Maz? He understands & embraces (and perhaps even teases her for? :) her unique attributes, and brings that laugh out of her time and time again. Every single time we hang out, I can see how their relationship is founded on a deep friendship, on the ability to always have fun together, and really, isn’t that the way it should always be? I won’t be photographing their wedding as I get to be a bridesmaid (woo hoo!) but I’m so happy they asked me to take these photos, in the very place where Maz proposed :)