{ pien + hsun | beach engagement photos }

Quite possibly one of the dreamiest shoots I’ve been a part of. The watercolor sunset, the softness of her dress, the sparkle of the ocean, and a fantastic couple like this – I seriously feel so lucky to cross paths with couples {sometimes from as far as across the ocean, like in this case} who come to me with a vision for their photos that so perfectly matches what I love to create, and who completely let their personalities & love show in front of the camera.

There is another fun urban portion of this session that I hope to share soon, but I felt these beach moments at the end of the day deserved their own post. The simplicity of it all just makes me so so happy – that it was just the ocean, the pretty light, and Pien & Hsun enjoying each other’s presence :)

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3 Responses to “{ pien + hsun | beach engagement photos }”

  1. Holly Steen Says:

    just so pretty

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    STUNNING. Seriously, so dreamy! So, so dreamy!

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