{ natalie + jeff | long beach engagement }

I refer to Natalie as my “ice skating friend.” From something like ages 6-13, we spent almost every Saturday morning driving up to the rink in Palos Verdes and taking lessons together. We practiced for performances and little competitions, and forged a friendship based not just on salchows and loop jumps, but on playing ridiculous amounts of video games, making our own stationery & then trying to sell it, coming up with dance routines, taking pictures of our cats & creating calendars out of them – you know, the usual childhood shennanigans :)

We lost touch a bit over the years, but I was so so overjoyed when she contacted me recently with the news that she was engaged! Equally exciting was that we both happen to now be living in Long Beach and are practically neighbors. I was so happy when she chose her amazing little Long Beach neighborhood for the photos, these kind of relaxed cozy lifestyle-y sessions are always some of my favorites. Natalie has always been one of the most kind-hearted & beautiful people I know, and I’m so so excited for her and Jeff, they are such the perfect match! I hope you get a sense of their sweet relationship through these photos :)

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2 Responses to “{ natalie + jeff | long beach engagement }”

  1. Nat Says:

    Thanks so much Adrienne! Jeff and I had so much fun with you! Your photos are amazing and exceeded our expectations! XOXOXO

  2. Po Po Says:

    Great pics you guys, love the one of Nat in the door way to my building! Sorry I cant make it back for the wedding, but I’m sure you know I love both of you.

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