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{ cecile + volt | los angeles wedding photos }

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

It’s a funny thing how the rain works on wedding days. It rained all day before, drizzled throughout that morning, but literally let up exactly as Cecile and Volt were exiting their car upon arrival at the yacht. We ran straight up to the deck and were able to get lots of sweet photos in that soft pretty light.

But! Even if the entire day had been wrought with downpour, even if it had been snowing and hailing, Cecile & Volt are the kinds of chill happy people who would make the best of it. They’d perhaps crack a fun joke, ask me where I wanted to shoot, and cuddle & smile for the camera like nobody’s business. They are a seriously cool couple, and I’m so so thankful and happy that Shirley of Fresh Events Company introduced us! And as always, her and her team did an impeccable job orchestrating this gorgeous wedding. A shoutout to Le Petite Gardenia as well, for the beautiful and always creative florals!

{ sam + jerry | hawaii engagement photos }

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I was so excited when Jerry and Sam invited me along to Hawaii for their engagement session! They knew they wanted to do a destination session from the start, and were considering NYC {where they had lived for a few years & had many fond memories}, but after a bit of brainstorming, decided on someplace that would totally contrast that busy urban city vibe – Moloka’i! They had a friend (hi Boki!) who lives on the small island and had been encouraging them to visit, so it turned out to be a perfect collection of reasons to fly over (in the tiniest little plane you could think of)!

I would imagine most anywhere in Hawaii would be amazing for photos, but there was something extra special about the serene quiet and remoteness of Moloka’i. We drove from one end of the island to the other, just pulling over whenever we saw a pretty spot for photos – a coconut grove, a smattering of bougainvillea, a wide sandy beach – and at every location, we were essentially the only people there! It was so perfectly relaxing and wonderful, and this session fit Jerry and Sam and their relationship to a T – they are the type of amazing people who love to explore, who thoroughly enjoy life, who adore new experiences but find beauty in the simple and everyday.

I was so happy to document a piece of their continuous adventure together, in such a beautiful place :)

{ kristen + michelle | santa monica lifestyle photos }

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

How completely sweet are these two? I was so happy when Kristen found me from Tori & Kate’s session, and planned a fun lifestyle shoot as a surprise for her girlfriend Michelle. We brainstormed ways to incorporate little aspects of their relationship – like their love for books, and the sweet notes they write to each other on coffee cups – and finished up the session with a few rounds at the ice skating rink!

I felt a bit emotional as I was going through and editing these photos – the love these two have for each other was in each and every image, and I seriously feel so lucky to have been able to capture a snippet of it, and to be able to share them openly here. I felt this extra strong sense of I want people to see these photos. I want them to see this love, the kind of love that comes in all shapes and forms, that is honest and innocent and real and unstoppable. That it is such a beautiful thing :)