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{ mara + john | parker palm springs photos }

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Mara & John wanted to throw a “last hurrah” type engagement party before their intimate wedding next year, and invited their closest family and friends out for a mini-retreat to celebrate. It was all held at the most beautiful Parker Palm Springs – a brightly-colored oasis in the middle of the desert, a place that has long been on my must-shoot-there! list, with lush gardens that calm your soul & the most stunning modern decor. (Added bonus – bougainvillea everywhere!! I could shoot those pretty little blooms all day long.) Mara & John made full use of the gorgeous property, with cocktails in the lobby, mingling on the lawn, an indoor reception, and portraits around the gardens.

A little peek into the lovely evening…

{ cecile + volt | downtown LA engagement }

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Love how much these two laugh – they cracked each other up the entire afternoon and I barely had to dig into my usual arsenal of oh-so-hilarious jokes :) We wandered around some of my favorite places in downtown including Little Tokyo, where we happened upon the newly opened ‘lette. I’m usually the first to run towards macarons, but was happily surprised to find Volt & Cecile beelining for the store before me – definitely my kind of clients! :)

Their wedding will be my last for the year and I’m so excited to be there to capture it and celebrate with them!

{ xinlei + matt | california vineyard wedding }

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Xinlei and Matt. I noticed it during our first Skype meeting, where we were all giggles. And during our windy engagement session, where you kept smiling despite the frigid wind and crazy cold. And during our emails, where you excitedly shared about the secret surprise dances {best gangnam style I’ve seen yet!} and late night cookie bar and other lovely plans for the wedding. That at the end of the night of your most amazing day, I asked if you’d like any other photos? And you said, yes, one more photo, with you :)

I know I rave about the couples I get to work with all the frickin’ time. But I really want everyone to know how ridiculously awesome people like Xinlei and Matt are. That with their smiles, and their warm silly personalities, and their trust, and their hugs – I never felt like this was my “job”. And for them to be that wonderful and gracious to someone they just met less than a year ago, I can’t imagine how much love they share with their family and friends. Or perhaps I can, thanks to having the honor of being there on their wedding day.

It was love, everywhere, all the time.