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{ kristy + harnnull | cafe pinot wedding photography }

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

I sometimes feel there is an extra special dynamic between couples who have been doing long distance during the span of their relationship. When they’re together, and perhaps especially on their wedding day, you can almost feel them treasure every single moment, you can see the excitement of being reunited, you can sense the appreciation and enjoyment of having their favorite person by their side. To witness it is a reminder for all of us – that to be able to hold the hand of the one you love, to see the way their face breaks into a smile, or find the way your head fits perfectly on their shoulder, are beautiful things never to be taken for granted.

For much of their relationship Harnnull had been in Seattle while Kristy was in LA, and I couldn’t be happier for them to both be together now here! They are seriously some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and their wedding day was brimming with the sort of joy and gratitude I described – I caught them more than a few times expressing “I love you” to each other when few others could hear :)

To top it off, it all came together at one of my favorite city venues, Cafe Pinot, and we had a complete dream team of vendors – Sassy Girl Weddings coordinating everything perfectly, and Bunch Studio creating all the lovely blooms. And not to be forgotten – Coolhaus providing dessert! :)

I love this tradition! I’ve seen a few different unity or sand ceremonies at weddings, but this has to be one of my favorites. Kristy and Harnnull each wrote each other letters and sealed them up in this box along with a bottle of wine, to share with each other come their one year anniversary :)

{ J | boudoir }

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The feedback I get when I deliver boudoir photos is such a wonderful thing. To hear how much she loves the images, that she will be treasuring them for a lifetime, the happy disbelief in I can’t believe this is me! That last bit especially – the words of happy surprise – are a huge part of why I love doing the sessions so much. Because I really want to show you how pretty you are. Because so many of us girls {myself included!} don’t necessarily have the perfect relationship with our bodies. Because we’re worried about this here or that there, because on a daily basis it’s easy to overlook what can make you unique and beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned before, the session is a wonderful gift for your man (for J it’s going to be a sweet anniversary gift for her hubby) but in the end, when you can get a peek of yourself in this light, that you’re beautiful through and through, inside and out, it’s really a gift for yourself. Thank you so much J for trusting me to photograph you and allowing me to share a few here – you are absolutely gorgeous in every way!

{ jess + rich | brookside equestrian wedding }

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I would like to say that the reason Jess & Rich‘s wedding was amazing in so many ways, the reason it had me tearing up in the middle of a cafe {good lawd} as I was editing the images, was because I’ve known Jess for years and that they are a couple that is so close to my heart. But the reality of it is that even if I hadn’t know Jess and her family for years, and hadn’t had such a close association to them – I would still have been a teary mess because the wedding was just. that. amazing. in and of itself. It was a true expression of who they are, and love seriously poured out of each and every moment. Like when Jess gifted necklaces to Rich’s daughters during the ceremony, and shakily expressed, “you are my heart”. Or when her sister Nikki gave her speech and Jess stood to embrace her when she found it hard to go on. Her mother helping her put on the very veil she wore for her own wedding day. Or the way Rich and Jess looked at each other during their first look, and couldn’t stop smiling. Love, everywhere, all day, and it was wonderful.

When Jess first called me years ago to tell me about this man she had just met, we were 23 year old kids, and I couldn’t have imagined what an amazing thing that relationship would blossom into. It is a wonderful happiness to see two people who are pretty much perfect for each other, who shine in each other’s presence, and it’s even more wonderful when that person is a dear friend.

Jess & Rich – I’m so happy for you and feel so honored and blessed to have been the one to document your special day. There was so much prettiness to capture in every corner, and I hope these images do justice for just how amazing your day was :)

Venue: Brookside Equestrian Center
Coordinator: Lauren Kadowaki
Florals: Bunch Studio (always my fave! :)
Make-up/Hair: Theresa Huang