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{ christina + mark | la venta inn wedding }

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This is one of those weddings {there are more than a few of them}, where I’m sitting there editing the images late in the evening, the computer monitor glowing brightly, with maybe a snack (aka THIRD DINNER) on my desk, and I find that suddenly, I’m misty-eyed. Because how crazy beautiful are these moments? The moment of joy as Christina sees her aunts walk in to congratulate her as she’s getting ready, or the excitement Mark has when he presents Christina with a wedding gift (a ukelele, and she gave him a surfboard!) Or the significance of a rose placed gently on a chair saved for Mark’s mother, who had passed away earlier that year.

Christina and Mark are both the kinds of people who will greet you with the warmest hugs, and laugh unabashedly, and constantly radiate love in every which-what direction, and the fact that they found each other & ended up together is something pretty wonderful. Their wedding day was a string of beautiful and joyous moments and it was such an honor to be there to capture them!

{ kristen + cody | oxnard beach wedding }

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

I’ve known Kristen since middle school, and from the very start of her wedding planning she explained she wanted something simple, relaxed, and super intimate. The result was spot on. Thirty of their closest family and friends, flown in from all across the country. A beach house right along the shore, so they could run out onto the sand for a quick ceremony. A taco truck to provide lunch, freshly made margaritas, frosty beers & waters in buckets, a hand-painted ice cream cart for desserts.

To pile more awesome on top of all of this, they asked for donations rather than gifts, and as favors, included personalized tin pails for everyone filled with both candy & seashells. Kristen and Cody had both chosen charities they felt passionately about, and we were asked to place our shells in the jar of a charity of our choice. For every shell in the jar, they donated $1 to the charity.

I was invited as a guest, but since they didn’t have a photographer, I offered to bring my camera just to capture a handful of couple & family portraits. In the end, I found myself snapping away wayy more than planned, because of how organically beautiful everything was and how there seemed to be a piece of Kristen & Cody’s personalities tucked into every aspect of the day. And that kind of wedding? It’s always the most beautiful kind :)

{ phoebe + min | pasadena wedding photography }

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Phoebe and Min will be getting married in China, but wanted to do some bridal portraits in LA beforehand. I was so happy they mentioned shooting at the Pasadena City Hall as its one of my very favorite places for photos – it always promises beautiful soft light, dreamy pastel colors, and during this time of year, opulent pink roses wherever you look :) Min and Phoebe both have such sweet and warm personalities and arrived with so much enthusiasm for the session – I feel so lucky to have been able to document a snippet of their story together! :)