{ sarah + derrek | lake engagement photos }

I was so excited when Sarah & Derrek suggested renting a row boat on a lake for their engagement session! The workers there suggested we rent a motor boat as well, that I could operate to push/pull them along and make moving around for all of us easier. Now I’ve never operated a row boat before, much less while simultaneously trying to shoot, and the behind-the-scenes of this session would be a bit clumsier than the photos suggest – boats spinning around in circles, us trying to get our boats together, communication via hand gestures, struggling with muddy anchors, and all during quite a scorcher of a day.

But Sarah & Derrek? They are total troopers, and so chill and fun, and make it look like they run out and do this every morning. And with these images as the end result? I’d say it was most definitely worth it :)

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4 Responses to “{ sarah + derrek | lake engagement photos }”

  1. Mai Says:

    what an awesome session. great photos Adrienne!

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    I’m speechless. These are SO beautiful!!!

  3. shipra Says:

    you never fail to brighten my day with your work. Always fresh, always romantic yet quirky, and so soooooo lovely!

  4. Ingrid Says:

    I love love love the photo where the petals are being thrown in the air.

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