{ xinlei + matt | monterey engagement photography }

It was super windy that day and frigid cold, but upon seconds of meeting Xinlei and Matt {we had previously “met” via only Skype, oh technology!}, I knew they were the type of people to let go and have fun in almost any kind of situation. They seriously were in amazing spirits the entire shoot and embraced the sunny side of it all – that the wind lent beautiful movement to the photos, that the cold made them snuggle that much closer :) I had so much fun with them both and was a little sad when it came time for them to drop me back off at the airport, although they did send me off with a cupcake! Did I ever tell you about that one time, where I always get to work with the coolest couples ever? True story.

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3 Responses to “{ xinlei + matt | monterey engagement photography }”

  1. Louis Says:

    Awesome set! running with seagull shot is great!

  2. Stefanie Says:

    Wow, these two are a gorgeous couple!

  3. Lizard Says:

    You guys look so cute together!!! Awww

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