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At Nisha & Woody’s wedding, there was quite a bit of talk about opposites. Like that Woody is an artist and Nisha is an attorney. That one is right-brained, one is left. One is a dreamer while the other is more logical. One is passionately into fashion (and shoes!) while the other is not quite as much {hint: it’s not who you think it is!} But that even as opposites, it works. They work. That Nisha & Woody, with their pieces that are both similar and very different, somehow fit each other perfectly.

And though probably unintentional, I feel like this idea of complementing opposites spilled over into other aspects of their wedding day. Like how Nisha & Woody are probably some of the most laidback and chill people I have ever met ever, but that the wedding day was still planned out to a T and went off literally without a hitch. Or that the Skirball Center is a very modern venue with sharp lines, concrete, and muted grey tones, but that it was filled to the brim with romantic details – whimsical flowers, soft pinks, pretty designs (how cute are those programs??) Again, it all fit together perfectly!

And as always, Fresh Events did a stellar job planning and coordinating the day, I so love working with those girls!

{ A special thank you to Style Me Pretty for featuring this wedding! You can see more photos in the feature here! }

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8 Responses to “{ nisha + woody | skirball center wedding }”

  1. Rachel Tatem Says:

    Such soft and romantic colors, beautiful!

  2. cindy Says:

    what gorgeous people. love your shots as always.

  3. harrison Says:

    wow. gorgeous shots, you captured the couple beautifully.

  4. ala cortez Says:

    you are SO good, friend! love the movement you capture! ;)

  5. David Sno Says:

    amazing, i love your style!

  6. Hannes Uys Says:

    I love your natural approach to photography Adrienne!

  7. Donald Norris Says:

    Amazing, I love all the beiges and pastels! Absolutely incredible set.

  8. Nisha & Woody ::: Skirball Center Wedding : Megan Welker Photography Says:

    […] Nisha and Woody got married late last year at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. It was a chilly day but as they were wrapped in each others arms, they didn’t seem to mind at all. The day was perfect, to a T and I was so happy to be there shooting with Adrienne! […]

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