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When Holly first asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was so so excited, but also a bit nervous – as much as its an amazing honor to shoot the wedding of a) a friend, and b) a fellow photographer!… it’s also all kinds of nerve-wracking. I really wanted to do a stellar job for Holly and Jeff & create the best photos possible making me a bit jittery about it all.. but I found, when I showed up on her wedding day, that with how beautiful and heartfelt everything was? This really wouldn’t be very difficult at all :)

Holly’s wedding planning story is one that warms my heart and that I’m excited to share. Initially, as someone in the wedding industry, she understandably felt some pressure to put together something extravagant, super unique, magazine-worthy, trendy, top-of-the-line. After going through all sorts of venues, rummaging through wedding blog posts, and enduring quite a few stressful weeks she realized – that none of this was what she really wanted. What she really wanted was something true to her & Jeff – that was an extension of who they are and a reflection of what’s in their hearts. And as pretty as huge reception halls and giant flowering centerpieces can be, those things weren’t quite them. So she thought of what they loved to do, a pastime that for years was part of their relationship – which is attending baseball games together – called up Dodger Stadium, and took the planning from there.

So this is the wedding I walked into that day.

A wedding on the 4th of July, at a baseball stadium, during the opening game.
A small ceremony on the sunny Loge Patio, encircled by their closest family and friends.
Casual sweets and hot dogs, cups of ice cold beer, tickets for all their guests to watch the game in lieu of a traditional reception.
Personal vows, and tears, and a very very happy Holly and Jeff.
It was beautiful and perfect and so so them in every way.

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6 Responses to “{ holly + jeff | dodger stadium wedding }”

  1. Rachel Tatem Says:

    What an awesome wedding. The baseball theme was awesome, the attention to detail to make it fully integrated. Her dress, looked amazing on her by the way. All around looks like a wonderful and fun wedding!

  2. Anna Says:

    Aaaw, what a cute wedding, Adrienne! Awesome images!

  3. Holly Steen Lowzik Says:

    Adrienne thank you so very much for the beautiful photos and the thoughtful blog post. Your point of view of our wedding was so spot on. I couldn’t describe it better. Your photography was truly a gift. You captured all the romance, love and fun of our wedding.
    Thank you so !!!

  4. Stephen Grant Says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Such a great setting and what magic you did with the opportunity. Love all the genuine emotions and your colorful take on this great stadium!

  5. Alice Hu Says:

    Amazing Adrienne! You’ve captured Holly’s big day perfectly :)

  6. Heather : LVL Weddings & Events Says:

    This is a beautiful post, congrats to Holly & Jeff! Such a unique a great wedding and stunning images.

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