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{ cynthia + tim | griffith park engagement photos }

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

A relaxed session around Griffith Park. Urban landscapes can really be fun, but there’s something about the quiet of a backdrop like this – just the couple and my camera, taking our time without the worry of crowds or noise or distractions. The recent showers also created the prettiest green landscape.. I seriously could have shot here all day!

I love that Cynthia & Tim let their personalities show and interacted in ways that were both silly & sweet. Also adoring the pops of color from her super cute shirt & the simple bouquet of daisies…

{ iva + aaron | umami engagement session }

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Iva is the friend of many past brides I’ve worked with, so I was beyond excited when she emailed me to tell me it was her turn next! I was even more excited when I met with her and her fiance Aaron, and they informed me that they wanted to do their engagement photos at Umami. As in the mindblowingly awesome burger place. The one where I always order the Manly Burger, and if my dining companion happens to be a dude, the server always tries to give it to him and I’m all, NO EXCUSE ME THAT MANLY BURGER BELONGS TO ME. That place.

There are a few Umami Burgers in LA (I’m working on the next one being built in my living room), but we ended up doing it at the super cute spacious location in Los Feliz. I loved the upbeat Japanese writing on the walls, and the kokeshi dolls, and the pretty light (first blog post of the year and I’m already talking about pretty light! it’s happening!), and most of all that Iva and Aaron chose a location that was unique and full of memories for them.

Afterwards we headed up to the Griffith Observatory which is always a lovely backdrop for photos. Excited for their wedding later this month, which will be my first one for 2012!

{ happy new year }

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

hello 2012.

i’m excited for you.