{ wendy + jon | palos verdes engagement }

This session was like a little tour of the south bay (aka my home! Torrance FTW! I got a shirt for Xmas that validates all of this!) We visited some of PV’s prettiest spots and finished up along the Redondo shoreline. I love the movement, the wind, the light in the last few at the beach – these types of organicky (oh yes, I totally did that, I just made up a word) photos always speak to me the most :) I’m so excited to work with Wendy and Jon again next year!

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4 Responses to “{ wendy + jon | palos verdes engagement }”

  1. Stephanie U. {preppy chic} Says:

    I LOVE that these are all the places I grew up at! I love the Malaga Cove fountain! You and I really need to work together on South Bay/PV weddings because it’s my favorite place and so pretty!!!

  2. Stephanie U. {preppy chic} Says:

    P.s. I love your Torrance shirt. It rivals my “I heart Torrance” one :)

  3. Monica Says:

    Beautiful photos!!
    I was wondering if you happened to know where she got her purple dress from?

  4. Shipra Says:

    Adore the last few especially. Organicky totally works for me too and the wind, sun, and mood of those beach shots is as gloriously organic as it gets. I soooooo wish you lived closer!

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