{ julie + alex | inn of the seventh ray wedding }

Everything about this wedding was so beautiful, effortless, relaxed. I know I’ve probably said this quite a few times before, but my most favorite weddings always seem to be the ones that feel like home. That are brimming with emotion, beautiful in their simplicity, wrapped in a cozy, intimate kind of love. The whimsical Inn of the Seventh Ray, tucked up and away in the woodsy hills of Topanga Canyon, provided the perfect backdrop for this type of occasion, and it was adorned in lovely blooms courtesy of Fleuretica (so happy we could finally work together! :) The day was coordinated by Angelica Weihs who ensured that everything came together beautifully!

Random sidenote, Julie and Alex are quite the creative couple – together they wrote a children’s show that was picked up by Canadian television and is now going into its second season!

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7 Responses to “{ julie + alex | inn of the seventh ray wedding }”

  1. Jaenee C. Says:

    Beautiful job as always, Adrienne! This wedding seems to have been absolutely gorgeous. The ambiance that emerged once the sun went down–WOW! So beautiful!

  2. josephine salom Says:

    Beautiful. Great pictures to bring back wonderful memories. Loved them all. Thanks.

  3. josephine salom Says:

    thanks for all you did it was a hit

  4. Fleuretica Says:

    We were so glad to have finally worked with you, Adrienne! Images are fantastic. Looking forward to working with you again this Saturday!! :)

  5. Kevin Le Vu Says:

    Adrienne!!! I love this wedding– simple, calming, and beautiful. Especially that cake shot!!!

  6. Bec Says:

    Stunning! what an awesome venue. you capture the colours and the light just beautifully!

  7. Effortless garden wedding Says:

    […] Adrienne Gunde did a marvelous job capturing the feeling of Julie and Alex joy and their super sweet wedding at the Inn in Topanga. […]

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