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Remember way back when when I did a boudoir marathon up in SF? I’m so excited to finally share a few of my favorites below! Love the fresh & modern feel of the hotel, the ludicrous light we had coming in through the bay windows (also, I LOVE BAY WINDOWS), and of course, the gorgeous girls we had the honor of photographing.

I absolutely adore shooting boudoir sessions – and I still maintain that although I’m sure your man would love to have some beautiful boudoir photos of you, documenting yourself in a lovely & sexy way is ultimately a gift to yourself! :)

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4 Responses to “{ L | boudoir }”

  1. Megan Welker Says:

    sooooo beautiful!!! That hotel is amazing and these photos are too!! yay for boudoir!

  2. ala Says:

    the light is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze! omg!

  3. Holly Steen Says:

    amazing light and amazing photography… yay for bay windows and sexy sex

  4. Gail Says:

    I’m a girl and I think those tights of hers are some of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine how much a significant other would love these! Wowzers!

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