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Kelley & Edmund love the movie Up, and wanted to incorporate tons of balloons into their session as a tribute to the film. Armed with a helium tank, a spool of ribbon, and scissors, we pushed through finger cramps and blew up & tied about 40 colorful balloons in the parking lot for the shoot. I adore Up as well {even though I always end up bawling literally 10 minutes into it, how does that happen, THE MOVIE JUST STARTED} and am so glad we could incorporate a bit of its inspiration into their session!

Can’t wait for their wedding at the Smog Shoppe this fall!

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5 Responses to “{ kelley + edmund | orange county engagement }”

  1. William Kim Says:

    wow, big UPs to the couple for blowing up all these balloons! the balloons add the perfect touch to this session. your couple are always so creative!

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    I was going to say exactly what William said, Your couples are SO creative! I love it! Such pretty images Adrienne!!

  3. Becca Rillo Says:

    Such a cute idea! Love all the color :)

  4. Ayumi Says:

    I adore this session. I love UP, even though I was also bawling through the first five minutes!

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