{ jackie + glen | downtown LA engagement }

Another fun session in downtown LA!

I feel like everytime I step into downtown there’s a new little nook to explore and a little more buzz and vibrancy to the city – it’s constantly changing and I love it! I have a friend who recently purchased a shiny new loft in the heart of downtown, and on a recent visit, he explained of possible light rail installations, the restoration of Broadway & all the theaters that line it, all the new restaurants and bars that are popping up – it makes me super excited to think that one day our little downtown may join the ranks of other bustling city centers (SF? Chicago? NYC?) and be the cool place to hang :)

On that note, downtown was such a perfect spot for Jackie & Glen’s session! :) I love their nod towards pretty vintage style and how they subtly brought that into the session. As we strolled through Angel’s Knoll Park {insert squeals about 500 Days of Summer & JGL! JGL! here}, they described their love of all things vintage and how they go antique store-hopping on the weekends. So sweet!

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7 Responses to “{ jackie + glen | downtown LA engagement }”

  1. shipra Says:

    could they be any more adorable? i think not! You have such a gift for fun and lighthearted portraiture that conveys a couple’s love for one another.

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    sooo pretty! I love these so much! An adorable couple and great locations! beautiful photos Adrienne :)

  3. William Kim Says:

    this is probably my fav. set! love all these portraits! feels like you really captured who they are! throws bacon!

  4. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks so much guys! :)

  5. Wedding Singer Los Angeles Says:

    The first photo is my favorite! Great shots.

  6. Stephen Grant Says:

    Candid and colorful. Love the work! And their smiles are so infectious. :)

  7. Gail Says:

    GASP!! Is that THE park bench?!!! OH MY GOODNESS! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!! (did you guys then play a game of who could shout “Penis” the loudest without getting heard?” hahahaha…You get that one, right? ;) )

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