{ payal + amit | maternity portraits }

I love maternity sessions! Payal & Amit have actually known each other pretty much their entire lives, having been family friends since childhood. I’m sure at that time they had little clue that they would ever date, let alone fall in love, get married, or be starting a beautiful family together :)

They brought just a couple things along to personalize their session, my most favorite being a teddy bear {that will be a gift for their daughter when she arrives} wearing a shirt with a photo of Payal & Amit playing together as kids. Love!

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5 Responses to “{ payal + amit | maternity portraits }”

  1. Megan Welker Says:

    so beautiful! I always love your maternity sessions :)

  2. Rachel Tatem Says:

    She is too cute (love your purple dress and striped shirt)! You did a great job getting them comfortable, so much so it looks like the mom to be is laughing in almost every shot!

  3. Payal & Amit Says:

    Adrienne, thanks so much for the beautiful photos and for capturing such a wonderful time in our lives! We had a great time at the photo shoot – you definitely made us feel comfortable and at ease. Everyone we have shown has loved the photos and thinks you have done an amazing job. Thanks again!!

  4. Becca Rillo Says:

    Beautiful work! I love the frame pictures :) xoxo

  5. shipra Says:

    ahh, Adrienne, your work is so refreshing. This is such a sweet session. Their little girl is going to love looking back on these images as she grows up.

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